I am pretty crazy about books and spending way too much time on Goodreads talking with my friends.

Some of my favorite books are:

Contemps: The Opportunist, Falling Under, Jellicoe Road,Stolen, The Sky Is Everywhere, Lola and the Boy Next Door,Summer trilogy, Night Beach, Drowning Instinct, How to Kill a Rock Star, The Sea of Tranquility, The Storyteller, Going Too Far,Before I Fall, Where She Went.

Paranormal/Fantasy: VA,Unearthly,Shatter Me, Nevermore,The Grisha Trilogy,The Infernal Devices, Penryn and the End of Days, Tiger Lily

Klaroline, Bellarke, Bethyl, Charloe, Jostrid, Pydia, Skyward, Creepyshipping, Pynch, Warnette.
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